Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are offered to all our Cygnets children, at this age the children can move around by themselves by crawling, walking, running, etc, we believe this is a perfect age for baby yoga. Our classes are the perfect way to enhance a child’s early learning and development through storytelling, action songs, and moves inspired by a professional yoga teacher.

Yoga Classes Brochure

Yoga is a great form of relaxation for the mind, body and soul. It brings peace to an active mind, stretches the body and promotes suppleness. Introducing yoga to young children at an early age, through playful activities, is a great way to boost healthy living, helping children to become calmer and better able to concentrate and focus at the end of each day.

Benefits of Yoga:

• Supports children’s emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
• Encourages social interaction and Increases self-confidence.
• Actively encourages self-expression and creativity.
• Develops coordination and improves balance.
• Develops listening skills, the ability to focus the mind and improves concentration.
• Helps children to find their breath and to use breathing to channel their emotions


Classes take place twice a week here at 22 Street Lane Nursery, they are delivered by our practitioners at the end of the day to add a calming influence to the children at the end of a fun filled day.

"Yoga helps body awareness and alignment, improves focus and builds strength" ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery