Ducklings Room: 1-2 Years

Our spacious Ducklings Room is designed specifically for toddlers. Please click on our pictures to view the gallery and scroll down to read more about the amazing facilities in this room.

Our Ducklings Room is child-centered and designed to make the child feel at ‘home’.

Babies and toddlers have access to specifically designed areas to enhance their learning and development, such as a cosy area where children can look at books and listen to stories.

Within this room, we have exciting light and sound features to develop to enhance children’s experiences.

All our furniture is made from the highest quality natural wood. Furniture is at low levels such as small tables, where the older babies are encouraged to have their meals and feed themselves.

The Ducklings Room has its own kitchenette where bottles and snacks are prepared and a changing area where children are changed accordingly to their routine.

22 Street Lane Nursery - See Our Ducklings Room
"Babies and toddlers will have access to sensorial experiences such as treasure baskets, mirror play and exploration of nature in the outside environment." ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery