Graded Ofsted ‘Outstanding’

22 Street Lane Nursery was recently inspected by Ofsted, and it is with great pride and massive satisfaction that we reach out to you to announce that the inspection carried out on Tuesday 21st August 2018 graded us as...

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To receive ‘OUTSTANDING’ is a significant achievement for everyone at 22 Street Lane and we couldn’t have done it without our phenomenal staff, their excellence drives the success and future development of 22 Street Lane Nursery each and every day! Needless to say, we are extremely proud of them, and of how far 22 Street Lane Nursery has come since inception some two years ago, and to be recognised as one of, if not the best settings in Leeds is a huge accolade! - Well done 22 Street Lane Nursery!

The 'Ofsted' Inspector said:

"I was blown away with how amazing 22 Street Lane Nursery is, the best I have ever seen, I have been an Inspector for over the 4 years, doing 3 Ofsted inspections a week and have only ever given out 4 ‘Outstanding Judgements’, none of which were to a new setting. You ought to take great pride in what has been achieved, the staff are truly amazing, from Apprentices to the Senior team, their knowledge, work ethic and professionalism are on a different level whilst the general ethos being centred around the children, it’s just amazing"

We would also like to say a massive thank you to all Parents and Carers for their continued support, we hope we have surpassed your expectations and hope to continue to do so.

Early childhood care plays a vital role in children’s development which has always been at the very heart of what we do. We encourage and support your child(ren) in all areas of their development, thereby helping to create individuals who are confident and creative builders of their own ‘OUTSTANDING’ futures.

Teaching our children about living responsibly ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery