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Water And Music Wall

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Our Swans and Cygnets teams have designed a brand-new water wall and music wall for the big garden, created using upcycled and donated materials!

We have used this resource as a way to further educate the children on sustainability, with encouragement to reuse the same water to reduce waste and highlight the importance of looking after our planet.

The water wall has been equipped with hooks to hold an array of items such as measuring jugs, cups and scoops to extend the children’s learning throughout play. This encourages them to use mathematical vocabulary such as full, half-full and empty, making it an exciting and immersive experience for them!

Our music wall has a range of wooden utensils and sticks to create their own music and rhythms together or individually, also incorporating movement into their play. Banging the utensils and sticks against pots and pans makes a variety of sounds and all the children are so excited to be able to use this new equipment and develop lots of new skills as well as having fun!

We would like to thank the parents who donated any materials to create this wonderful resource.