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Trips Into The Community!

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The children have loved exploring the local community recently with trips focused on supporting their current interests which have been shopping and flowers!

The Cygnets took a trip to the florist, Daisy Chain, on Street Lane and explored the different flowers and their vibrant colours and beautiful scents. We spoke all about the life cycle of a flower and how it begins it’s life as a little seed and blooms into a gorgeous flower, with the help of regular watering and lots of sunshine! The children used some money to buy their own flowers, choosing some pretty yellow Daffodils and thanked the shopkeeper for welcoming us into their store.

The Goslings have been loving shopping in their role play recently, so the team treated them with a trip to the local shop! In line with our Country of the Month, France, we explored the shop to find French-themed food and found some delicious baguette and French cheeses. The children worked so well together to pull the basket around the shop, and then headed to the till where they took it in turns to hand the cashier the money!

We are so proud of how well the children behaved and listened carefully to instructions when out and about!