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Sports Week 2020

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All throughout the week we have been hosting our very own fun-filled Sports Week, with events ranging from football to obstacle courses, running, jumping, tennis and a bunch of various fun races!

Some of the younger children in the Ducklings Room enjoyed using their fine motor skills to trail their cars in the muddy track and splashing in the soapy water, they even held some swimming races using the ‘Small World’ figures! Then the Ducklings and Practitioners started to talk about different sports equipment, such as football and rugby, whilst drawing pictures of them on the chalkboard! So fun!

The older children enjoyed playing outside, with the Cygnets taking part in a bunch of varied events including egg and spoon races, race track running, table football, bean bag throwing and weightlifting. They even made their own medals and took turns posing on the winner’s podium.

The Goslings extended sport into their messy play activity. To do this the children on Monday decorated their very own cricket bats by sticking different shapes using glue, painting their own winners medals, making their own olympic rings by printing using cups and finally making their own olympic torches using paper, paint and tissue paper!

When playing outside the Goslings have had lots of opportunities to practice their balancing techniques. They have done this through the different obstacle courses set up each day as well as our ‘egg’ and spoon race using play dough and wooden spoons. A particular favourite has definitely been the bean bag toss! They mixed this up throughout the week but it included taking turns throwing them into tyres, baskets, pans or on their matching colours!

Meanwhile, the Swans linked their games to their ‘Sound of the Week’, which happened to be ‘S’! The children were split into 2 groups, they began by balancing a hoop on their head and following the shape of the letter S on the ground. Then they had to find the egg and spoon to begin a race, before finishing off with a sack race. All the children enjoyed the games and cheered their friends on as they went around the course!