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School Ready at 22 Street Lane Nursery!

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Our Swans children are soon to be flying the 22 Street Lane nest to join their new ‘Big Schools’

To support our children in this transition, we have made links with the schools that our children will be attending, met the teachers and shared valuable information about each individual child. Some of the children have been visited by their teachers over the last few weeks, giving them the opportunity to begin to form a strong bond with their new teacher in a familiar environment.

The 22 Street Lane Nursery the role play area has been transformed into a ‘school’ and the children have been signing their name on the registers, playing teachers and dressing up in their schools uniform. On our ‘school ready’ display board we have added lots of information about our new schools including; our new schools logos, and pictures of our new teachers.

Starting School is such an important milestone for every child and their parents. At 22 Street Lane Nursery, we do all we can to support and celebrate this transition, ensuring your child is prepared for their next stage of their learning journey!