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Registration Process Begins

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Opening Hours, Pricing and Fees | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

The excitement continues in readiness for the opening of what we believe will be something very special for you and your children – the official launch of 22 Street Lane Nursery is imminent!

We are now ready to start the formal registration process and will be contacting all parents, who have expressed an interest in a place for their child via our Waiting List form.

During the call from our Management team, we will be able to give parents an idea of how likely it is that a place will be available at the time it is required.

Please note, we offer full day places only, with the minimum attendance being 2 days. This will ensure consistency for our children and will enable your child to gain the full benefits of our nursery.

It is not too late to be included in our registration process – if you haven’t already done so, please complete our Waiting List form in the first instance.

The completed nursery building is due to be signed over by the builders on the 2nd May 2016. In the forthcoming weeks, we will be setting up the internal spaces and inducting our staff team, with the aim of opening our doors between the 23rd May and the 30th June.  Please note that this date is subject to Ofsted’s inspection and could be delayed by up to 2 weeks. We are working closely with Ofsted in order to achieve our proposed date, we just wanted to let you know that this date is not fixed and is out of our control to some extent.