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Planting Seeds

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Planting Seeds in the Ducklings Room 🌱🌾

Over the last couple of weeks, the Ducklings have taken part in planting a bunch of different seeds! The Ducklings used their transporting schemas by moving the soil to the plant pot with shovels and also placing the seeds in the middle to start the growing process.

We then placed the plant pots in their own area within the Ducklings Room and have watched them grow little-by-little over the past couple of weeks. The children now take turns every day using their fine motor skills to water the seeds using our water sprayer. The Ducklings love getting involved and get really excited when it’s their turn to water them!

We have planted chive, mustard red zest, basil, dill, rocket, coriander and parsley! We can’t wait to see them fully grown, at which point we’ll even let our Head Chef Chris use some in cooking our yummy meals!