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Philippines Week

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Last week the children were exploring The Philippines as our Country of The Month. 🇵🇭

We planned a bunch of different activities inspired by Filipino traditions for the children to take part in, for example, The Ducklings made some traditional white flowers (which is one of the symbols of The Philippines) using different creative materials. The children also enjoyed trying a yummy traditional lunch at nursery, specially prepared by our Head Chef, as well as exploring other parts of Filipino culture in our tuff tray.

The Swans enjoyed making a traditional Filipino dessert called ‘Banana Lumpia’. The children began by looking at a range of traditional desserts often prepared in the Philippines using our interactive screen. The Swans then peeled the bananas carefully and cut them in thirds. We explained to the children what halves and thirds mean and provided support with the children’s cutting where necessary. We then carefully rolled the bananas in cinnamon and then wrapped them inside some filo pastry. The children all had a go at rolling their own lumpia, wrapping it tightly and brushing it lightly with an egg wash, ready for them to go into the oven. Their favourite part was getting to enjoy them as a pudding after their lunch… they were yummy!