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Tiles From Far, Far Away…

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Tiles From Far, Far Away... | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

We faced a huge challenge a few days ago, when our suppliers let us down on a tile order, meaning we had to source and procure the tiles at very, very short notice.

To run throughout the staircase hallway core, we had carefully chosen these natural tiles as they are tactile for children plus a perfect match for our floor tiles.

Trying to find the same tile was hard work, but thanks to Steve Voke, our project QS, we have managed to source them direct from Turkey!

Manufacturing commenced the moment our order was placed, so these tiles are purposely made for 22 Street Lane Nursery.

We then had to arrange the transport of the two crates, weighting 1 tonne each, which will be via airfreight!  But first they will need to be collected from the supplier, who are based some 650km (404 miles) from the Airport… The crates will then be flown in through customs and hand delivered to 22 Street Lane for Thursday/Friday this week, all within 5 days of placing the order.

Yes, it is madness, but this is the level of detail we are going to in order to make 22 Street Lane Nursery a magical place for our children!

Massive thanks to STEVE VOKE!