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‘Owls’ Outdoor Bubble Room

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We have been hard at work decorating and setting up our new outdoor space, which has recently been constructed in the small garden. This area has been made for the new group of Swan/Cygnet children who are returning to nursery today. They will form a new ‘bubble’ called the ‘Owls’ and will be looked after by our Swans Teacher Shoshanna Hall, as well as Qualified Practitioners Alia Ahmad and Sadie Bray.

This new environment will still allow children to have access to the main garden area throughout the day while also ensuring our Social Distancing policies are upheld to protect the safety of the children and staff.

Although they can’t play together at the moment, the Swan children who are already at the nursery are very excited to welcome their friends back and are looking forward to giving them a big wave and seeing one another from a safe distance.