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Nursery Rhyme Week Activities

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Nursery rhymes are important for early childhood development and education. Children’s literacy, numeracy, social, physical and emotional skills are developed in part through the use of nursery rhymes in the setting. The children at 22SLN love singing and dancing to their favourite rhymes and during this week, the children focused on one nursery rhyme per day and our wonderful practitioners supported this selection with a variety of different arts, crafts and activities.

The Goslings baked some ‘Twinkle Little Star’ flapjacks using their measuring skills for the ingredients. The Swans acted as junior architects, engineers and bakers by designing their own ‘London Bridges’ and making current buns. The Ducklings enjoyed playing with the fish in the water and practiced their counting skills – ‘I,2,3,4,5 – once I caught a fish alive’. The Cygnets made their own tea after singing one of their favourite rhymes ‘I’m a little teapot’ and the Chicklets enjoyed scrunching the tissue paper of their sheep to see the noise it made.