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New COVID-19 Signage

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Over the past few weeks the nursery’s Maintenance Technician, Lee Giles, has been busy carrying out a wide range of tasks to improve the overall quality of the setting, as well as ensuring general upkeep of the building. This has included work around the front gate, pathways and garden to help aid with our new Social Distancing policies, that have been put in place to protect the children, parents and staff at the nursery.

In preparation of more children returning to the nursery on Monday 1st June, we have printed and installed dozens of new signs all around the building, both inside and out! These will help guide both the children and parents to the correct areas for picking up/dropping off, as well as reminding everybody the correct procedures for Social Distancing and ensuring proper hygiene checks are carried out for the safety of everyone at 22 Street Lane Nursery.