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Mother’s Day Elevenses

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We had a fabulous day here at 22 Street Lane Nursery, celebrating Mother’s Day! Mothers and Children were invited to share this special day at the nursery.

The children got involved with the special activities such as flower arranging, card making and play dough. The children used what they had made in the activities and were able to spoil their Mums with cards and beautiful flowers.

The mums and children showed their cheesy grins in the Mother’s Day photo booth and we have some lovely photos!

We decided to enjoy some sunshine in the 22 Street Lane garden. The children enjoyed running around and showed their Mums their favourite garden toys. We then headed back inside for the best treat of all – cake!

After we had finished eating, we quietened down for story time. The children sat nicely with their Mums whilst we read some books together.
We all had an amazing day and the children were delighted that they were able to show their Mum’s how much they love them by sharing the day together. With this in mind, we wanted to mark this special day by creating a gallery of all the amazing photos we captured – Happy Viewing!

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