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Mini First Aid Classes

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Mini First Aid 2017 Photos | 22 Street Lane Nursery

Our Swans children participated in their very own ‘First Aid’ session last week, with Clare from Mini First Aid for Children. Clare brought along her special first aid helper; ‘Max the Bear’ & Michele!

Clare and Max helped the children understand what happens to their bodies if they get hurt; where blood comes from; and why you get a lump if you bang your head. The children then practised applying pressure, plasters, and a cold compress on Max the bear, then on one another!
The children were encouraged to learn the first line of their home address in case they ever have to call for help, the children all had their very own toy phones and practised calling the Emergency Services number – 999.

The children were then read a story about a brave accident prone little boy, in a book called ‘the mini adventures of Freddie’. Freddie had a busy day and his story helped remind the children of all the things they had learnt during their first aid session.

Finally, all the children received their very own first aid certificate in recognition of their hard work!

Learn more about our Mini First Aid session by visiting our dedicated ‘First Aid’ webpage, this can be found on the 22 Street Lane Nursery website: