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Millie’s Mark Award

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22 Street Lane Nursery is absolutely delighted to achieve Millie’s Mark accreditation. It is a well-deserved recognition as it clearly demonstrates that we are truly dedicated at keeping our children safe and well cared for.

Being apart from your child can be nerve racking for parents so it is essential to feel at ease knowing your child is in good hands. We reassure parents by providing world class first aid training for the staff. First aid training requires the full attention of all the staff at 22 Street Lane Nursery and is not something we take lightly. We went above and beyond the requirements with all our team holding 2 days first aid training as oppose to 1 day.

First Aid Training an Staff Development

The training covers crucial areas of first aid such as choking, resuscitation in babies and children, recognising signs of anaphylactic shock and dealing with cuts and bruises. A due diligence assessment was carried out on each of the training providers to ensure the trainers themselves met all the requirement to retain the award.

It is important for us to receive feedback and opinions from the team about the training they had obtained to see if there are any areas in which we can improve. We introduced a monthly refresher to our staff meetings to ensure staff knowledge is always up to date and they are confident delivering first aid.

What does it take to get the award?
The Millie’s Mark award can only be achieved if 100% of staff are trained in paediatric first aid and staff can demonstrate that the training will not be forgotten. Whilst we now have the recognition from Millie’s Mark, our tireless efforts of building a safe environment will not stop. We will continue to excel in all areas of care for the children and we will be more than prepared for our next assessment in three years.

“A huge thanks to all those who have supported us to achieve this award and well done to all the staff for keeping 22 Street Lane Nursery a safe environment.” ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery