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Introducing Our Online Journal Tapestry

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Introducing Our Online journal Tapestry | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

At 22 Street Lane Nursery, we use an online journal called Tapestry to record all of our daily observations and assessments relating to the learning and fun of each child’s early years education.

We record the special moments of children, be it via photo, video or message and keep parents involved in a partnership as their children blossom and grow.

Tapestry is used in conjunction with the EYFS developmental stages, with observation being assessed and linked to learning objectives allowing parents to see what skill their child is developing and where they are at chronologically in their learning.

A safe and secure system, Tapestry enables parents and carers to access their child’s learning journey at anytime, anywhere from a handy free app or website. Families with relations in other countries have found this an invaluable way of sharing their child’s learning journey with distant loved ones!

Parents can also comment on observations and even post their own adventures, experiences and key learning moments in Tapestry to share with the nursery staff.

This two way sharing of your child’s achievements, next steps and experiences is absolutely vital to providing the very best care and early education.