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Harvest Festival Collection 2017

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Harvest Festival | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

22 Street Lane Nursery celebrates Harvest Festival, and the children collect to support our local food bank.

To mark this year’s harvest festival, children, parents and staff have been bringing gifts of food, which 22 Street Lane Nursery is donating on their behalf to the local Foodbank. We would like to say thank you to everyone that donated; we had over 100 items that were donated in total, which will make a real difference in our local community and help towards making sure that no-one has to go hungry.

In addition to collecting, the children have been learning all about Harvest Festival; we transformed our role play area into a fruit and vegetable shop and provided the children with real vegetables to explore. The children were encouraged to take on the role of shop keepers and customers; writing shopping lists, using the till, writing price labels and weighing the foods using different kinds of scales. We have explored print painting with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, observing the amazing patterns that each one created. On Wednesday, we took turns to try using a knife to cut up vegetables, which we then blended, added some spices for flavour and made into soup which we had for our tea that afternoon!

We used Autumnal objects that the children had collected at home to make mobiles, we also filled a tray with these objects and encouraged children to sort and count them; matching quantities to numbered plant pots. We used leaves for a threading activity and also used them along with herbs from our garden to practise using scissors.

In our mark making area, we used various autumn/harvest pictures and words to create our own pictures, copying the words and drawing the pictures as well as having a go at using carrots dipped in paint to write with instead of pencils. we also used cheerio’s to make bird feeders; threading them onto pipe cleaners and then making these into different shapes.