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22 Street Lane Nursery Goes Green

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With a strong emphasis on ‘going green’ by ensuring that we recycle, upcycle and minimise the amount of waste we create, starting to introduce these concepts to your children early on can have a massive impact on their awareness as they get older.

22 Street Lane Nursery believe that teaching our children about their environment and how they can contribute to its upkeep, will help them to develop their own sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting their future surroundings.

The concept of going green is not simply limited to recycling cereal boxes and tin cans. Government initiatives are in full swing up and down the country to promote recycling and green practices in a bid to save our planet and improve the environment we live in, 22 Street Lane Nursery not only support it we take it very seriously as part of the educational journey for our young children.

22 Street Lane Nursery takes great pride in separating the waste within the Nursery, food recycling bins have been introduced to divert food waste to anaerobic digestion facilities.

In addition to this we have created composting facilities within the nurseries’ gardens and introduced a new recycling lessons within the classrooms to ensure we become green and recycling the right materials. 

We are working hard on our journey to try and achieve zero landfill waste and pass on the right messages to our children, our Senior Management team, practitioners and kitchen team emphasise the importance of being environmentally savvy and respecting our planet.