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Fire Safety Education at 22 Street Lane Nursery

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Fire Safety Education at 22 Street Lane Nursery | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

Fire-fighter visit at 22 Street Lane Nursery“>22 Street Lane Nursery.

On Monday 26th June, we were fortunate enough to have Fire-fighter Mal come and visit, this made a great link with our current topic ‘People who help us’.

The children learnt about; fire awareness, the importance of fire-fighters, a fire-fighter’s role and responsibilities, how children should behave in a situation where fire is involved, and about the fire safety rules to help the children proactively tackle dangerous situations.

The children were asked what they thought Fire-fighter Mal’s job was. Many children said; ‘he puts fires out’, one said; ‘they wear goggles to protect their eyes’, another said; ‘they use a hose and put the fire out’ and another child said; ‘they use a big ladder’. Mal explained fire-fighters do put fires out but they also help people who might be stuck.

Mal introduced naughty Nora, a teddy to the children, she liked to play with things she shouldn’t. Mal then showed the children numerous pictures and asked them to show him thumbs up if it was something safe to play with, or thumbs down if it was something unsafe or dangerous to play with.

The children listened and joined in really well, discussing any items they were unsure of. It was brilliant to see all the children demonstrate confidence as they participated in the group activities, they asked lots of questions and showed just how inquisitive they are.

Fire-fighter Mal provided the children with lots of important factual information about the equipment a fire-fighter uses, including a special mask they wear to protect them and the oxygen tank they carry on their backs to help them breathe when they enter a burning building.

Finally, Mal gave each child a chance to try on his helmet and have their picture taken.

Having fire-fighter Mal in the Nursery was such a privilege, and we would like to thank him for sharing all his knowledge and enthusiasm, in helping the children learn all about the role of a fire-fighter and how to stay safe.