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Employee of the Month: January 2019

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Employee of the Month **JANUARY**

We are delighted to announce the winners of our ‘Employee of the Month’ award for January 2019. We have received overwhelming support and positive feedback from both parents and nursery employees and wanted to thank you for taking the time out; the winners are;

Grace Stainton-Roy – Cygnets Room

Chloe Fisher-Powell – Ducklings Room

Chris Milner – Head Chef

You can learn more about our winners by visiting our monthly staff award page on the 22 Street Lane Nursery website:

The Nursery will send out an ‘Employee of the Month’ email each month when the voting begins. Each nomination will be tracked on a monthly basis to help us recognise and ultimately chose our ‘Employee of the Year’ based on the number of votes each practitioner receives during 2019. This being the case your continued support is vital to enable us to recognise the right people and help us determine the monthly and annual, Employee of the Year!

Voting for February’s Employee of the Month will begin shortly, once again we look forward to your continued support.

Well Done to our January Employees of the Month; keep up the fantastic work!