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Ducklings Bear Hunt

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The Ducklings Have Been On A Bear Hunt 🐻🐾

This week the children in the Ducklings Room have taken an interest in the ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ storybook, so we decided to do a bear hunt themed sensory walk to follow their interests! We started the Bear Hunt going through the ‘splishy splashy’ water, where the Ducklings got to splash in the water tray while saying ‘wet’ and ‘splash, splash!’.

The Ducklings then had a turn at going through the ‘squelch squelch’ mud where they had a turn at feeling the texture of the mud between their feet. This is brilliant for the children’s personal, social and emotional development, as they took an interest in how others played and started joining in themselves! The Ducklings then continued through the forest saying ‘stumble, trip!’ as they explored the tree stumps saying ‘forest’ as they went along their bear hunt!

We then experienced going through a snowstorm using shaving foam and using our arms and bodies to spin around saying ‘oooowooohooo’, promoting physical development. The Ducklings then ‘tiptoed’ quietly through the cave, where they eventually found ‘A BEAR!’. All the children got a chance to search around and find the bear, and while they were very excited, everyone made sure to run away and hide in the tipi to stay safe!