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Curiosity Approach Renovations

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The Curiosity Approach at 22 Street Lane ☀️

We’ve been working to adapt our rooms at the nursery as we work towards our Curiosity Approach Accreditation, focusing on the development of the whole child with extra care on their heart and mind. Through the love of learning and a sense of belonging, where children are respected and nurtured as unique individuals, we’re aiming to create an environment for curious minds, with pockets of magic, awe and wonder at every turn.

With the use of authentic resources and recycled materials, we’ll respect the children’s play and allow them to handle ceramics and breakables, which shows the children that we value them as capable and confident learners, which will help to inspire the “thinkers and doers of the future”.

”A child is not a vase to be filled, but a candle to be lit”~ Francois Rabelais

As we begin to implement this approach into our environment, we’ll be sure to share the changes as we work through our modules. We are so proud to showcase what we’ve done already in the Cygnets and Swans Rooms so far!

As redecorating our home corners and roleplay areas have been a focus this month, please see the linked PDF regarding items we are looking to fill these areas with. We would be extremely gracious if you have any of these items spare and would be willing to donate them for the rooms: