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Christmas Around the World

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In lieu of celebrating a ‘Country of the Month’ in December, we’ve decided to hold a special event to look at Christmas Around the World. The children will learn how different countries celebrate Christmas and share in the different traditions that relate to the many different nationalities we have within our 22 Street Lane Nursery family.

The children will get the chance to make Norwegian Christmas Tree Baskets, listen to the Spanish carol ‘Feliz Navidad’, celebrate St. Lucia’s Day on the 13th of December (which is also the winter solstice) and learn how to say Happy Christmas in many different languages. Hannukah is also celebrated in December, so the children will get the chance to learn more about their traditions and festivities.

There are also so many different traditional goodies that are eaten in other countries that the children will also get the chance to taste too! Christmas is a magical time to stimulate the senses through light, colour, sound, taste and smell, and we hope to make this a magical December at the nursery.