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Carnival Week Celebrations

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Bright And Colourful Fun During Our Carnival Week! 🎪🎈

Last week we held our very own Carnival Week at 22 Street Lane, where the children took part in a wide range of colourful and exciting activities, such as carnival dancing with instruments, making crowns with leaves and feathers, as well as playing a wide variety of indoor games!

The younger children in the Chicklets Room loved making their own carnival masks by sticking together different feathers and pieces of coloured tissue paper. Playdough and actual pineapple leaves were also used to enhance their sensory experience; they loved shaping and kneading the dough to create their own pineapples. Afterwards, they celebrated by waving around colourful scarves while listening to traditionally festive music!

The older children also had the chance to take part in the musical fun by using different instruments to join in and dance along to the vibrant music in their very own carnival parade. There were also carnival-themed games that were played indoors, as well as a variety of different artsy projects to enjoy.