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A Huge Congratulations To Our Apprentices!

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We want to say a huge congratulations to Chloe Bradshaw and Xenia Towers on the completion of their Level 3 Apprenticeships!

They have both worked super hard over the past year, juggling a full-time job with us and completing their coursework.

Congratulations to both of you!

“I have really enjoyed completing my apprenticeship here at 22SLN, thanks to the support of the staff and my amazing tutor! I am now ready to take on my role of qualified practitioner and continue working alongside the parents to ensure the children thrive and enjoy every second of their time here at nursery. I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to work to my full potential and better my skills as I continue to help the children grow and develop”

~ Chloe Bradshaw, Goslings Room

“I have really enjoyed completing my apprenticeship course and becoming a Level 3 qualified childcare practitioner! I have had such lovely support from my tutor, the nursery management and staff throughout. The parents from both my room and others have given me lovely comments about my apprenticeship, and I’ve loved the experience I gained from working in different rooms and being challenged when working with different ages. I can’t wait to use what I have learnt into practice to progress my career!”

~ Xenia Towers, Ducklings Room