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22 Street Lane Nursery Tipi

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22 Street Lane Nursery Tipi | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

Our outdoor tipi is situated within our stunning 22 Street Lane Nursery garden, the tipi offers the children a motivational outdoor classroom experience, it is an integral part of our outdoor learning. The 22 Street Lane Nursery children love the atmosphere as they enter the tipi – it makes them instantly excited!

We use the tipi for many things including; play, storytelling space, music and movement space, meeting space, bush activities, and as an outdoor classroom. Furthermore, studies have shown that there are many benefits to outdoor learning; children can benefit from increased concentration, they can be more motivated, inspired and willing to learn when they are outdoors.

The 22 Street Lane Nursery tipi is durable and waterproof meaning our children can experience active learning outside whatever the weather.

Our tipi is certainly beneficial and an exciting addition to our nursery setting!