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22 Street Lane Nursery Cookery Classes

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Introducing 22 Street Lane Nursery Cookery Classes; this week the Swans children have enjoyed their first cookery class here at 22 Street Lane. Needless to say the children were all very excited and loved it…

The aim of the class is to teach the importance of healthy eating as part of a healthy lifestyle; the children will learn the essential life skills so that later in life they are able to support their own health and well-being with tasty and nutritious meals.

Children love exploring with food, they can engage with different textures, colours, smells and discover new flavours! Cooking provides practical experience with many essential skills such as reading, following direction, and measuring; the process of stirring, spreading, and sprinkling all help with hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills and even early concepts of maths and science.

The children really enjoyed their first class with Zoe, firstly, the children washed their hands and discussed the importance of good hygiene. Zoe then explained to the children that they were going to make fruit kebabs using a variety of fruits. The children then names the fruits and discussed where they came from
The children were then shown how to hold a knife safely and sensibly, always holding the handle and pointing the sharp part away from them. The children then chose which fruits they wanted and cut them into small pieces. They then threaded them onto a skewer. They then enjoyed their fruit kebabs for their afternoon snack – yummy!!

Our classes will take place on alternate Mondays and Wednesdays; we look forward to sharing our first class with you later this week!

For more information please visit our dedicated cookery classes page on the 22 Street Lane Nursery website: