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22 Street Lane Ducklings Visit Roundhay Park

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22 Street Lane Ducklings Visit Roundhay Park | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds

22 Street Lane Ducklings visit Roundhay Park.

Last week the 22 Street Lane Ducklings went on a lovely walk around Roundhay park. As we arrived we decided to stop outside ‘The Mansion’, where we enjoyed a yummy fruit snack overlooking the fantastic views of the woods and Parkland.

We then made our way down the windy paths and spotted a couple of dogs on a jolly walk. As we watched the dogs we talked about the sound a dog makes, our little Ducklings enjoyed watching the the dogs. As we continued we spotted a few ducks; one of our Ducklings pointed to it and said Quack!

We then strolled a little further down to Waterloo Lake, we stopped to see the Swans and Ducks that were on the Lake. Our Ducklings were very excited, they shared many smiles as they waved at the Swans and Ducks. As we headed back to 22 Street Lane Nursery, we stopped to look at the crunchy leaves and the fallen twigs on the ground.

Our Duckling had a lovely stroll around Roundhay Park and settled back to nursery with a warming leak and potato soup with whole meal toast soldiers; a perfect end to a lovely morning!