Messy Play

All types of play are essential for children’s development and early learning and we just love ‘Messy Play’. here at 22 Street Lane Nursery. We believe its a really important part of early education, it offers many opportunities for learning as well as fostering your child’s curiosity whilst developing imagination and creativeness, it also helps the children make their own decisions whilst building concentration levels.

Messy Play helps children develop and improve their hand-eye coordination by practising skills such as pouring, measuring and mixing. Children are given the freedom to explore and play with different materials in their own way and their own time without any time line such as building or make something. This allows young children to make their own discoveries using their senses, curiosity and knowledge, we love messy play sessions here at 22 Street Lane.

During Messy Play children will get to play with many materials including; sand, water, dough, mud, paint, jelly, and other safe materials.

The Benefits of Messy Play:

  • Develops creativity.
  • Practices good concentration.
  • Nurtures early form of writing.
  • Supports ability to play independently.
  • Strengthens body control.
  • Fosters curiosity and experimentation.
  • Stimulates imagination.
  • Creates understanding of the senses.
Messy Play | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds
A key feature of Messy Play is that children are given the freedom to explore and play with materials in their own way. ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery