22 Street Lane Nursery X Horbury Slazenger’s FC

Here at 22 Street Lane we are passionate about supporting our local community including our staff and students. Head Chef, Chris Milner, is one of the managers of Horbury Slazenger’s FC, and 22 Street Lane Nursery are delighted to be sponsoring the club.

We spoke to Chris to learn more about the club and how this sponsorship is going to benefit Horbury Slazenger’s.

“What are your main motivations for running the club?”

I’m Chris Milner, one of the managers of Horbury Slazenger’s FC, an over 16’s Football Club.

My motivation comes down to my pure love for football, having been involved with the sport my whole life, the management responsibilities became a way of life and routine!

James Williams formed the team a few years ago along with a group of lads who all grew up together, creating a local club that we can all be proud of and was a representation of our love for football.

The team doesn’t just focus on winning and competing, it’s about socialising within the community and becoming a team, both on and off the field.

My involvement began when I was asked if I’d help with the running and coaching of the team, which I was delighted to do knowing that my nephew’s team had folded that year and I wanted to introduce a group of teenagers to open age football.

“What does the club mean to the local community?”

I believe that Sunday league football, and any other form of grassroots football, has a hugely positive effect within the community. The gathering of 28 young men on a Sunday morning isn’t just about football but encourages socialisation. We run a team, but also a foundation which friendships and bonds are built upon which grow and stay for the rest of their lives.

We have support from dedicated parents and families who come and watch week in, week out; but it’s not just parents. The local community get involved by showing their support on a Sunday attending the matches and cheering on their local team.

“How the sponsorship will benefit Horbury Slazenger’s FC?”

We can’t put into words how grateful we are at Slazenger’s FC for 22 Street Lane’s sponsorship.

We have experienced a constant battle in the previous year to maintain a home pitch due to the fees of certain organisations, which unfortunately we just couldn’t afford. This caused unrest with the team due to the lack of consistency, not knowing where games were going to be played etc.

22SLN’s sponsorship has lifted this pressure and given the team a bright future to maintain consistency and support the team in passing the positive energy through to the matches!

"We can’t thank 22 Street Lane enough for the contribution." ~ Horbury Slazenger’s FC