Swans Graduation 2022

Friday 8th July marked the Swans ‘Class of 2022’ Graduation from 22 Street Lane Nursery, and what a celebration it was! A joyful day with a few tissues needed for the not-so-dry eyes as we watch them fly off to new beginnings.

Our Swans have flourished into fantastic children and we are so proud of their progress as they embark on the next adventure at ‘Big School’! Graduation was a very special day and milestone in the Swans’ life, we had so much fun and the day was a well-deserved celebration of all their success whilst at 22 Street Lane.

We have loved watching the children flourish into bright, special and confident individuals as they have played, discovered and grown. ❤️

"A great teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart." ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery