Daily Routine

At 22 Street Lane Nursery, the daily routine is child centred, where children will have the opportunity to freely explore and take part in a range of activities both indoors and in our sensational garden area.

Children’s ideas, preferences, learning styles and interests are considered in the planning to give children all children the best possible outcomes.

Our Personal physical care routines for young children and babies are designed closely around the child’s routine at home such as changing, cleaning, feeding and sleep times. The child’s key person will ensure that the child’s individual needs will be accommodated for.

Mealtimes will play a key part in the children’s daily routine, this will help children to make healthy choices and encourage independence. All meals are balanced and nutritious and cater for children’s individual dietary requirements.

Daily Routine | 22 Street Lane Nursery, Leeds
Throughout the day, children will also be able to initiate their own activities.