Ruby Dance Classes

For our older children in the Cygnets and Swans rooms, we hold regular dance classes that range from ballet, jazz and acrobatic. These uplifting and creative dance classes are packed with fun music, props, and beautiful movements designed to inspire young dancers with a love of dance.

Dance has many benefits and can improve fitness, posture, strength, confidence and well-being. These sessions are based around magical stories and themes to capture their imagination and take them on an adventure each week.

Beginner ballet for little ones who love to move – Dancers go on an adventure each week using fun ballet steps, music and props. Imaginative classes which help to improve well-being, strength and confidence

Jazz & Musical Theatre – Fun packed funky dances and songs from well-loved musicals and pop stars, ready for a presentation at the end of the Summer and Winter terms. Learn the basics of jazz, street and lyrical techniques.

Acrobatic Dance – Acrobatic movement is incorporated into elegant flowing routines, with impressive tricks and poses. Acrobatic dance produces inspiring performances for the dancer and audience.

Ruby Dance Studios | 22 Street Lane Nursery