Melanie & Noodle The Therapy Dog

As a new and exciting class for the children, Melanie and Noodle the Dog will be visiting the Nursery bi-weekly, teaching the children a range of sign language linked to traditional nursery rhymes, and some other fun tunes too!

Melanie, who leads the classes, uses sign language as a form of communication, to help the children extend their range of vocabulary and improve their understanding. Sign language also allows children to communicate in a different way, which is inclusive for everyone regardless of their abilities.

Noodle is a registered therapy dog and is always super excited to see the children and join in with the singing sessions. There are many benefits for children when interacting with a therapy dog, as it allows them to be calm and can help regulate their emotions. Children tend to relax and focus because they are gentle with the therapy dog during their time together. Often, children then go on to apply these skills in their everyday life.

The sessions will also be based on various themes to capture the children’s imagination and take them on an adventure each week.