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It’s Awards Submission Time…

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22 Street Lane Nursery opened in the Summer of 2016 and less than three years later we are near-permanently booked up with a waiting list now stretching over two years. It’s lovely that we are so popular, but this is for a reason, or rather several potentially award-winning reasons. Our CEO Simon and Managing Director Caroline started this nursery as a means of providing a childcare service that filled in the gaps that even the most desirable day-cares weren’t able to sugar paper over.

With the express objective of creating the very best from the word go, 22 Street Lane Nursery has thrived, the staff and attending children along with it. A lot of this we believe comes down to our motto: Play, Discovery, Growth. This applies to everyone that comes through our doors because we know just how easy it is to learn and be the best that we can be by having a lot of fun doing it. This shared attitude coupled with our instantly recognisable branding has been a great way to initially attract parents into choosing us to look after their little ones through the day.

This is just the beginning though, for once they are in, they’re in for a world of pure imagination. Cookery workshops, forest school, dedicated role-play time, seasonal crafts of all kinds, exercises classes, language lessons, messy play and much more. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the children who attend 22 Street Lane Nursery with a vast array of activities, in addition to our personalised one-to-one support and general care provision.

We are three years in, deeply proud of our highly qualified and dedicated team, and are now fully confident in our ability to take the plunge and go for some excellent accolades in 2019! As a passion project for Simon, he was enthusiastic to chime in on the wonderful progress 22 Street Lane Nursery has made over the last 30 months and why it is so ready to be celebrated:

Last year we received Ofsted’s ‘Outstanding’ status across all areas – a significant milestone and a huge achievement for everyone at 22 Street Lane. Our phenomenal staff deliver excellent practice day in, day out which has helped 22 Street Lane Nursery become the first choice for many parents.

Caroline and I would like for the staff to be recognised for their continual efforts and teamwork, and as such we have chosen 2019 to be the year of awards; we believe the timing couldn’t be better to put ourselves forward for national recognition.

The journey so far has been both exhilarating and rewarding on so many levels. Creating a compelling offering, and more importantly a caring environment for children to flourish was crucial; as part of this process we have managed to create a very stable foundation for 22 Street Lane Nursery from which our vision has become a reality.

Our aim was to provide the highest-level quality of care and education that would encourage and support children in all areas of their development, resulting in individuals who are confident, and able to build and create their own futures.

We are proud to have followed through with our guarantee of a loving and stimulating environment that is equally engaging and responsive for every child at each stage of their early years.

By ensuring the best possible outcomes and maintaining the highest possible standards we are delighted that this has in turn prepared so many of our graduating children to be well equipped for the later stages of education.