2019 Events Calendar

22 Street Lane - 2019 Events Calendar

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MonthWhat’s on this month
JanWed 2nd  –  Nursery RE-OPENS for the New Year!
Fri 25th  –  Burns Night Celebrations
All Month  –  Winter Wonderland Celebrations
FebW/C Mon 4th  – Chinese New Year Celebrations
Thur 14th  –  Valentines Day Celebrations
MarFri 1st  –  St David’s Day
Tues 5th  –  Shrove Tuesday
Thur 7th  –  World Book Day
Friday 15th  –  St Patrick’s Day
Wed 20th & Thur 21st  –  Holi Colour Festival
W/C Mon 25th –  Mothering Sunday Tea Party, 3-4pm
AprFri 12th  –  Visakhi Celebrations
Thur 18th  –  Easter Bonnet Parade & Egg Hunt, 2:30-3:30pm
Fri 19th  –  Good Friday, Nursery CLOSED
Mon 22nd  –  Bank Holiday, Nursery CLOSED
Tues 23rd  –  St. George’s Day
MayMon 6th  –  May Bank Holiday, Nursery CLOSED
Mon 27th  –  Spring Bank Holiday, Nursery CLOSED
JunW/C Mon 3rd  –  Eid Celebrations
W/C Mon 10th  –  Father’s Day Picnic, 3-4pm
Mon 17th  –  Ducklings and Cygnets Parents Evening, 6:15-7:30pm
Fri 21th  –  Team Training Day, Nursery CLOSED
Mon 24th  –  Chicklets, Goslings and Swans Parents Evening, 6:15-7:30pm
JulWed 3rd  –  Swans Graduation Ceremony – 3:00pm
W/C Mon 15th  –  Beach Party Week
AugThur 1st  –  Yorkshire Day Celebrations
W/C Mon 12th  –  Carnival Week
Mon 26th  –  Bank Holiday, Nursery CLOSED
SepThur 26th & Fri 27th  –  Macmillan Bake Sale
Mon 30th  –  Rosh Hashanah Celebrations
OctW/C Mon 7th  –  Grandparent’s Tea Party Week, 3-4pm
Thur 24th  –  Diwali Celebrations
Tues 29th  –  Team Training Day, Nursery CLOSED
Thur 31st  –  Halloween Fancy Dress Day
NovTues 5th  –  Bonfire Activities/Remembrance Sunday
Mon 18th  –  Chicklets, Goslings and Swans Parents Evening, 6:15-7:30pm
Mon 25th  –  Ducklings and Cygnets Parents Evening, 6:15-7:30pm
TBA  –  Children In Need Day
DecTBA  –  Christmas Jumper Day
TBA  –  Swans Christmas Play/Concert
Wed 18th  –  22SLN Christmas Dinner/Hanukkah
Fri 20th  –  22SLN Christmas Party
Tues 24th  –  Nursery Closing at 12pm for Christmas
JanThur 2nd (2020)  –  Nursery RE-OPENS for the New Year!

We will also celebrate all festivals that have importance for our families.
Please speak to your key person about what you celebrate at home.