Christmas Nativity Play 2018

Our most senior bunch swanned into St Andrew’s Church on Wednesday the 19th of December, garbed in a delightful array of fabulous fabrics as it was time to perform this year’s wonderful Nativity Play. Parents and children alike got to sit back and learn all about why we celebrate Christmas, accompanied by some tear-jerking renditions of nursery rhymes with lyrics that told the Christmas story.
All the children took their dramatic roles very seriously: Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, Shepherds, Angels, Stars and various barn animals all mesmerised their audience with adorable smiles and sweet dance moves. All of us at 22 Street Lane Nursery are very proud of our Swans for their hard work.
Here are some of the great pictures from the Nativity, can you spot your little one?

Everyone enjoyed teaching the audience about the Nativity story, from the very beginning when Mary was told by Angel Gabriel that she was going to have the baby Jesus, and her and Joseph having to travel to Bethlehem only to find no room at the inn.

We were all so moved at the bit where Mary had to have a baby at the stable but were joined by so many people who had heard about Jesus’ coming, to celebrate the miraculous birth. It is great to tell stories by playing, singing and having lots of fun – we can’t wait to carry on in this same spirit in 2019!

"The children’s faces lit up with excitement as they saw Father Christmas and his reindeers waiting to greet them, it made the day even more magical!" ~ 22 Street Lane Nursery